Course in Finance and Taxation

Taxation involves a variety of aspects. The recent reforms in taxation have left many an individual at sea creating a demand for well-informed advisors. An in-depth understanding of financial products and the different types of taxable incomes allows for number of potential career prospects in both private and governmental sectors. Our taxation course can be completed immediately after graduation allowing you to enter the field with a sound fundamental knowledge of the taxability of income from various financial products like bonds, mutual funds and deposits. Our finance and taxation course is also open to individuals working in the field to promote a better understanding of the tax aspects behind various financial products.

This course examines the incomes generated by each financial product, and discusses the tax implications of each investment income: dividend, interest and capital gain. It also covers concepts relating to tax aspects: indexation, long and short term gains, set off of losses. At the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

Target Audience

What Does the Finance and Taxation Course Cover?

Fees: Rs 1750/- plus taxes

This course is beneficial to recent graduates, wealth managers and other financial professionals giving a full understanding of the taxation behind various financial products enhancing their skills and improving career prospects. CIEL also offers trainings for NISM certifications for those wishing to work in the financial sector.