CIEL Ascent Program

CIEL's Ascent Program

This is an online program which equips learners with information on current macro environment and market events through three interventions scheduled in a month. 

  • Week 1 – A Podcast/ Video learning exercise on a current topic (Examples: US Rate hike and its implications | RBI’s currency stance | Corporate earnings update| Why yields are rising| Is A the new AA?)
  • Week 2 – A Quiz comprising questions covering current topics and events
  • Week 3 – A Newsletter comprising a cover story, a term of the month and a story around data

This is a subscription-based program for an annual fee of Rs 1,500/- plus applicable taxes.

The program will primarily benefit Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors, who require an ongoing update to keep their knowledge up to date and current. Different asset classes may be performing at different times, requiring focus and revision of information. Ascent is an on-going program that provides relevant inputs to keep wealth managers and financial advisors agile and up to date. 

The Ascent program also provides the subscribers the required continuing professional education (CPE) credits to keep their Wealth Management Advance certificates valid.

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