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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of health insurance. The pandemic has adversely impacted millions of people across the globe. This is positively transforming the Health Insurance industry and presents a huge opportunity for attracting new customers in the fold of health insurance and up-selling to existing clients.

The CIEL Health Insurance Certification is a unique, well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the practical application of concepts relating to health insurance. The objective is to enable the learner to provide customer-centric solutions to potential clients. Learners can upgrade their knowledge of the booming health insurance industry through an in-depth study of basic concepts, key terms, and their applicability. The curriculum covers health insurance products, pitching and positioning, regulatory and taxation aspects along with and various innovative trends and related nuances.

The course will help you in gaining insights into the “What“, “Why“ and “How“ of Health Insurance and to better understand the relevance of adequate health insurance solutions.

Who Should do this Course

  • Those looking to start or already working in an insurance company, banks, or any other financial institutions.
  • Insurance agents, insurance brokers and those seeking a career progression into selling health insurance products.
  • Those setting up or working for independent financial advisory business.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, Students or anyone seeking deeper understanding of underwriting, products, claims and other key aspects of Health Insurance.
CIEL - wealth management target audience
CIEL - wealth management certification

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone aspiring to work or working in the insurance industry, banking or other financial institution, insurance agents, insurance brokers, independent financial advisors, students and those wishing to understand nuances of health insurance industry.

Course Key Features:

  • Interactive digital modules with human voiceover
  • Interspersed quizzes for concept reinforcement
  • Case-lets, illustrations, market anecdotes to help you apply concepts in the real world
  • Specially curated 16 Videos for audio-visual impact
  • FAQ Booklet
  • Practice Test

Rs. 7,000 + GST (Including exam fees)

Re-exam fees: Rs. 500

Exam & Certification:

  • Final online MCQ examination.
  • Learners who Fulfill all the learning requirements for the course and clear the final examination successfully will be issued a Health Insurance Certification.

Course Duration:

Recommended 15 Learning hours (Course Accessible for 1 Month)

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Health Insurance

Learning Objectives: This module provides a primer on health insurance and allows you to understand key terminology, products, and the need for health insurance.

  • Importance of Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance in India
  • Stakeholders and Distribution Channels
  • Digitisation and technology

Principles of Insurance With Specific Reference to Health Insurance

Learning Objectives: This module provides a primer on concepts of insurance to be able to appreciate the nuances of insurance. This course deals with the foundations of insurance and assists in understanding the correlation between these principles.

  • Basic Concepts of Insurance
  • Principle of Utmost Good Faith
  • Principle of Insurable Interest
  • Principle of Indemnity
  • Corollaries of Principle of Indemnity – Subrogation and Contribution
  • Principle of Proximate Cause

Health Insurance Product Key Terms and Positioning

Learning Objectives: This module deals with understanding the various health insurance plans available, key terms, understanding the difference between indemnity and fixed benefit plans, learning about personal and accident covers.

  • Types of Health Plans and Key Terminology
  • Personal Accident and Travel Insurance

Health Insurance Underwriting and Key Concepts

Learning Objectives: This module deals with the importance of underwriting and its process, documents related to underwriting, concept of sum insured, what to consider when buying a health insurance plan, and also know about the latest policy servicing methods adopted. Outline:

  • Underwriting and Documents
  • Key Terms and Policy Servicing

Case Studies

Learning Objectives: With the help of 3 comprehensive case studies, apply the concepts and product knowledge learnt in earlier modules, understand pitching and positioning health insurance products and how to handle Objection.

  • Fix Your Roof before it Rains
  • Better to be Safe than Sorry
  • Being Prepared makes Crisis Manageable

Health Insurance Claims

Learning Objectives: In this module you would be able to understand importance of Claims Management, appreciate ways of claims settlement and process involved, evaluate the reasons for claim repudiation, appreciate the future of insurance claims settlement and understand various types of insurance frauds.

  • Introduction to Claims
  • Health Insurance Claims Process
  • Claim Ratios and Claim Repudiation
  • Future of Claims
  • Insurance Frauds

Regulatory Framework & Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Learning Objectives: In this module you would be able to understand and appreciate the new regulatory guidelines and changes introduced by IRDAI, explain the Grievance Redressal Mechanism in insurance, and enumerate the new Consumer Protection Act .

  • Recent Regulatory Changes
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Click Here to register for the Health Insurance Certification

Click Here to register for the Health Insurance Certification