Wealth Management Certification - Basic

CIEL - wealth management basic certification

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The Wealth Management Certification - Basic is designed for entry-level roles in the wealth management and financial advisory business. The objective the certification is to develop a strong foundation of investment concepts and products and understand the process of goal-based financial planning and asset allocation.

CIEL’s Wealth Management Basic Certification is now accredited by NISM under the SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations, 2013, which is testimony to our content quality, rigour and relevance.

Our Wealth Management Basic Certification opens a great opportunity to become an Accredited Wealth Planner (AWP) as a first step for those who aspire to register with SEBI as an Investment Advisor. To be able to become a SEBI -Registered Investment Advisor you must complete CIEL’s both Wealth Basic and Advance certifications along with fulfilment of other SEBI-prescribed criteria.

The wealth management course has a well-rounded curriculum covers broking, investment, insurance and leverage products and processes.

Target Audience

  • Those starting their career in the wealth management or financial planning.
  • Those seeking cross-over or career progression into multi product advisory.
  • Those setting up or working for independent financial advisory business.
  • Investors seeking to manage their personal finances.
CIEL - wealth management target audience
CIEL - wealth management certification


  • Functional Diagnostic Assessment
  • Course Delivery : Online (Self- Study) and Trainer-Led Live Session Only for Group Training
  • Course Duration : Recommended 100 Learning Hours
  • e-Workbook covering the complete curriculum in detail
  • Case study quizzes
  • Final Supervised Online Exam.
  • Candidates who fulfil all the learning requirements for the course, and clear the final examination will be issued the Wealth Management - Basic Certificate


Online course fee - Rs 6,500/- plus applicable taxes.

Exam fees - Rs 2000/- plus applicable taxes

Exam re-attempt fee - Rs 750/- plus applicable taxes

Key Facts

The Program can be completed in self study mode in 60 days.

Leading banks, broking houses and mutual funds have made this certiifcation mandatory for identified categories of employees.

The registration for Wealth Management Certification - Basic is valid for 3 years from the date of activation.

The Wealth Management Certification - Basic program has a 1-hour exam of multiple choice questions on concepts and applications. There is no negative marking.

The pass mark is 60%.

Course Contents

Risk, Return and Asset Allocation

  • Return on Investments
  • Risk in Investments
  • Asset Classes and Diversification

Personal Finance and Investment Planning

  • Financial Planning
  • Principles of Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Investment Strategies for Wealth Creation

Equity Markets: Structure and Working

  • Introduction to Indian Financial Markets
  • Basics of Equity
  • Primary Markets
  • Secondary Markets

Equity Analysis & Investing

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Financial Ratios
  • Valuation Ratios and Multiples
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market Indicators

Debt and Derivatives Markets

  • Debt Markets and Instruments
  • Valuation of Bonds
  • Derivative Markets and Instruments

Mutual Funds Products

  • Mutual Fund Product Matrix
  • Equity Funds
  • Basics of Debt Funds
  • Hybrid Funds
  • Other Type of Funds
  • Mutual Fund Information and Analysis
  • Product Comparison
  • Positioning Debt Funds
  • Equity Funds Positioning
  • Positioning of Hybrid Funds
  • Financial Transactions and Applicable NAV
  • Mutual Fund Folio Operations
  • Systematic Transactions
  • Insurance Concepts
  • Life Insurance Products
  • General Insurance (Non - Life Insurance)
  • Basics of Banking
  • Liability Products
  • Asset Products
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Payment Methods
  • Cash Management
  • Banking Channels
  • Account Operations
  • Control Policies and Compliance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Products
  • Government Savings Scheme
  • Deposits and Structured products
  • Leverage in Personal Finance
  • Loan Process
  • Loans against Assets
  • Regulatory Environment in India
  • Income Tax Principles
  • Investor Acquisition and Folio
  • Payment Instruments
  • Special Investor Categories
  • Non-Financial Transactions
  • Mutual Fund Taxation
  • KYD, Code of Conduct and Ethics

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Wealth Management Certification Renewal

Revalidation of certification by appearing for the WMB exam again, as per the NISM Examination policy guidelines.

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