At CIEL, we have a very strong entrepreneur spirit that percolates down to every employee and associate working with us. We strongly believe that the problem space we are addressing is huge and there is tremendous growth opportunity at all levels. eLearning is an extremely scale and cost effective model and will increasingly get leveraged across all strata of society to fulfill education needs. Our passion for training and eLearning translates into several activities – researching learning trends & models, playing & leveraging technology, writing books & content scripts, creating course material, creating question banks, designing intuitive user interfaces, interactivities, games, video, audio and the like. 

We are always on the lookout for excellence, innovation, inspiration, creativity and above all, a firm belief in the value of eLearning and the difference it can make to anyone who undertakes training for us and performs at the job at the highest level of competency.

For all positions, write to us at We are looking out for you if you are a:

E-Learning Course Developer (Authoring Tools Specialist)

Experience from Mutual Funds/Insurance/Broking/NBFCs or other BFSI domains. Experience in digital content production. Ability to work on complex Articulate Storyline 2, 3, 360 and Adobe Captivate Rapid Authoring Tools. Develop courses independently based on the client's requirement and create elearning modules. Must have worked on elearning courses(L1-L3) using graphics, narrations etc. Experience on gamification will be an added advantage.

Skills: Excellent skills in Articulate Storyline 2, 3, 360, Adobe Captivate, including Triggers, Layers, States, Variables, Timelines and other basic and advanced functionalities.


Content Writer

We empanel content writers and developers to work for us as in-house consultants or independent consultants. You should have a professional work experience in banks, insurance or the financial services and investment industry. You are a post graduate in economics, commerce or management, and have a proven skill in writing technical content. Simplification of complex ideas is the key in CIEL’s content, so we expect content writers to come with a high level of conceptual clarity and practical experience. 



Our learner primarily seeks knowledge that is relevant to their job functions and career aspirations. If you are articulate, have worked in the banking, insurance or the investment industry and therefore can speak about real issues without getting away with gyan, let us know. We are looking to empanel part-time and full-timer trainers or professionals who aspire to be trainers to work for us as in-house or independent trainers.


Technology Support

We are constantly researching and exploring to present our content in new formats to align with our eLearning models. We are currently looking for professionals and organizations that have deep experience on: 



Proof Readers

Do you love the language? We write and then we write some more; we edit; cut out the superfluous words; and then we ensure the grammar is right. We have a nice style guide, but some lapses do creep in. Then, there are typos. If you love the English language and itch to set right errors you see on hoardings, we like to work with you. We are looking for part-time proof readers and editors for working on the content that we develop.


Technical Writers

We are looking for part-time independent technical writers who can take raw content and polish it for publishing in various formats. You should have the ability to write clear, concise, accurate documentation for our courses, programs, articles, brochures and newsletters; use simple terms for technical and functional information; write easy to read pages;  be proficient in word processing, desktop publishing, graphic editing and page design to convert the text to a final product.