Training for NISM Certifications

CIEL - Corporate Training Workshops for NISM Certifications

CIEL's preparatory trainings for National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) certifications are intended to aid students aspiring to succeed in the NISM exams. 

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) offers a large number of certifications, each specializing in diverse areas ensuring an upward career path opening up a lot of job prospects in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). Some of these NISM certifications are mandatory for specific job roles.

What does CIEL offer for NISM Certification Exams?

  1. Classroom Trainings for NISM Exams —

    CIEL has conducted over 250 trainings in the form of one or two day-long classroom programs across 40 locations, with a high pass percentage for the below exams —

    As an alternative to the NISM series XA and XB certifications, CIEL also offers Wealth Management Certifications at Basic and Advance levels. ’The Wealth Management Certification — Advance’ has also been accredited by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NIiSM) under Regulation 7(2) of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013

  2. Online Courses for NISM Exams

    CIEL offers Interactive online courses, with practice tests that prepare you for the NISM exam -

  3. Text Book

    Understanding Mutual Funds

    This book covers the syllabus and test objectives of the NISM - Series V-A Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination. This book stays faithful to the syllabus for the examination and test objectives as outlined by NISM. Students who take the NISM examinations in preparation for their jobs and project placements will find this book quite useful.

  4. What's Unique about CIEL's Trainings for NISM Certification Exams?

    • Well researched and updated content in line with the NISM curriculum.

    • Content divide into modules followed by quizzes.

    • Highly-rated trainers with industry expertise and training experience.

    • Practical and exam-oriented approach, focusing on preparing you to take the NISM certification exam with confidence.

    Boot Camp for Mutual Fund Distributors:

    Your stepping stone to a career in mutual funds is to pass the NISM - Series V-A Mutual Fund Distributors (MFD) examination. This is a mandatory certification for anyone engaged in marketing or selling mutual funds.

    CIEL conducts the MFD Bootcamp across multiple locations using its online course plus classroom trainings by accredited trainers. CIEL offers a seamless solution with a unique proposition of handling the entire paperwork with back office support to make you market ready.This works as an end to end solution offering classroom training, back office support, facilitation for NISM registration, batch enrolments for examination and facilitation for ARN/EUIN with CAMS/AMFI.

    The MFD Bootcamp is designed for  clients with a batch of aspirants who wish to clear the Mutual Fund Distributor examination. Our Program keeps you the client free from the tedious paperwork and continuous follow up and documentation.

    Contact us for batch enrolments.

    NISM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programme:

    CIEL is a NISM  accredited CPE Provider for conducting CPE trainings for revalidation of certification under different programs offered by NISM.

    CIEL is the longest serving NISM-empanelled training service provider for NISM CPEs, offering these programs since 2010. CIEL conducts CPEs programmes in 300+ locations base on  calendar and has trained over 67000 candidates till September 2018.

    CIEL offers CPE trainings for revalidation of certification for the following NISM certifications:

    To view  CIEL's CPE training calendar Click Here.

    The calendar  is updated with available training dates for various locations. W.E.F. 1st August 2015 registrations and enrollments for a CPE training are done from the NISM Online System OCRES.

    Read FAQs related to CPE.

    Contact us to organise CPE trainings for a predetermined batch of candidates.